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Inspired Landscaping Designs                                            


Establishing the brief


Your enquiry will be followed by a site visit to establish your needs and wishes and to become acquainted with the site. Budget, timing and any planning constraints will form part of this initial brief. Following this meeting we will send you a written fee proposal setting out the services to be provided and the fees that will apply.


Outline Design


Initial design proposals are drawn up in response to your brief and our examination of the site. Usually these proposals are presented in the form of an Outline Plan, often accompanied by sketches, photographs and notes. These preliminary plans might include hand drawn or computer generated Designs (Auto Cads) - or some combination of the two.


Developing the design


The design will develop through a number of stages, from initial concepts through to detailed working drawings and specifications covering both hard landscape construction and planting. At each stage we will discuss our proposals with you and obtain your approval before moving forward. We can advise on the choice of appropriate materials to balance aesthetic, practical and budgetary considerations. We specify natural and sustainably produced materials whenever possible and we seek to maximise the positive contribution of gardens to the urban or rural environment. Planting is designed to bring both immediate impact and longer term maturity to the garden. Seasonal effects and maintenance requirements will always be carefully weighed.


Implementing the plans


My team are highly skilled landscapers and our specialist suppliers who are capable of delivering the highest quality of materials, plants, workmanship and professional conduct. Administration of the tender process and monitoring of the works through to final completion are part of our normal service.

Garden Designs Torquay, Paignton, Taunton
Garden Design Torquay, Paignton, Taunton
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